First….I have no idea what product I actually have.  It could be a website, or a blog, or a website with a blog.

I created something a couple of years ago.  It was awkward and nothing that I enjoyed.  It took DAYS to create and I hated every bit of it.

Today was the day.

I was going to create something that was user friendly and that I enjoyed writing on.

Sadly, I opted for coffee instead of tequila to sip through the process.

First, I needed to destroy the old one, retaining only the name.

How do I do this?

There is a tiny little button at the bottom righthand corner that indicates one click will have me chatting with “support”.

Support is good…right?

Not always.  I’ve clicked that little button on many a website only to find no help, inane questions and responses to my query, and very poor spelling.

Well, Support at WordPress is good.

It is actually excellent.

I have no idea how many different people I’ve chatted with today, but someone is always there to jump in and help me out.

The first person wiped my old site clean and was incredibly helpful in recommending a new theme.  Although I thought one theme would be better, that person explained why it wouldn’t be.  Very helpful.  I took their advice and really like the new look.

I’ve been hitting the HELP ME!!! button all day.  After just a few hours, I almost have it up and running in a format that we will all love!

The latest support person help me separate all my stories so that you can choose to only read the ones about Trotz…which is pretty much all you really want to read anyway.  I just threw in the Unsolicited Advice to amuse myself.  That person also thinks Trotz is very cute but does not believe he is trying to kill me off.  (Those of you who know and love us understand he has been trying to knock me off for years).

I recommend WordPress based on their customer service.  They obviously understand that how important fast, friendly, informed folks are to their customers.

The only tiny little thing I would adjust, and really, it is just a little thing….it would be nice to have a name to refer to the customer service person helping you out.  I would sure like to mention them by name and let the company know how great they were!

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