Fun Memory

November 19, 2016 · Pine Hills, FL ·
Finally got the last load of laundry into the dryer, turned off lights, shut off tv, called Trotz to bed.
Sat on the edge of the bed, unclipped my hair, and started brushing out the knots. I felt Trotz hop up on the bed behind me and grinned. I was in his spot.
I put the brush down, kick off my slippers, turn to climb into bed and he is firmly planted in my spot!
Head on my pillow, body sideways across the top. No way to even kinda do a work around.
“Trotz! Out of my spot! ”
No response, eyes tightly closed.
I poke him.
No response, he is snoring.
I climb around and position myself to heave his big butt over, then move up to slide his upper body over.
He growls and shows his teeth. He is very scary.
I kiss him on the nose, blow in his mouth, and using my arms and legs, flip him over and out of the way all at the same time.
I can see him think about fighting back. Then he just grins, sighs, and dozes back off.
We both know he can brace his feet against the wall and push, which would send me flying off the bed. Laying down, we are nearly the same size.
We both know I have a stun gun.
It’s a respect thing.

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