Building a website

If you ever consider building a website, here is a little advice.

First, get a translator.  There are words that have many meanings.  A homepage isn’t static unless you have another page that isn’t static.  A post and a blog can mean the same thing or they don’t, depending on which page you are on.  A page isn’t really a page except sometimes.

Also, try to figure out if you want a website, a blog, or a website with a blog.  I still have no idea what on earth I have.

Build it on a day where the earth stands still and no one wants to go outside to play or go potty.  A day where no one calls.  I recommend your cheat day so you can shovel in cookies as you try to make it do something without any real skill.

It may be a great idea to have booze handy.

I went with caffeine.

Caffeine was not helpful.

In the end, just have a credit card handy and a tab opened to a website builder ad.  You could start out that way but you won’t appreciate how much they charge until you try it yourself.

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