Baby in the house

Having a baby in the house is never an easy thing.

Mom’s dog, Johnny, is 16 years old.  My Molly is 13 and Trotz is 5.

Anubis, an abandoned pup, is, according to the vet, approximately 3 months old.

He could be anything from a Great Dane mix to a mutant Chihuahua from a power plant somewhere north of here.  We just aren’t sure.

What we do know is that he is growing rather quickly, some would say alarmingly.  He is filled with the joy that only a puppy would know and cannot seem to stop wiggling.

He has a long, whip like tail.

Trotz has forgotten how tolerant the other dogs were with him and is struggling not to just eat the baby and be done with it.  The baby doesn’t seem to mind that Trotz is grumpy and insists on being his friend.

Anubis resides in my son’s room and while Nick was in taking a shower, Anubis escaped the dark confines to come see what everyone was doing.

I could hear him coming, his tail banging into everything at floor level.

Trotz must have heard him coming also.

Trotz hopped off the bed and snatched up his Auntie Debi bone (she always makes sure Trotz has a big knucklebone when he comes to Florida), hauled it onto the bed and plopped down on it.

This could not have been at all comfortable, but Trotz was determined not to share with the baby.

He didn’t need to worry.

Anubis whacked his way into the hall and towards Mom’s room.

I slid my chair back, quietly, and peered around the doorway.

Anubis got to Mom’s doorway and went into puppy stealth mode.

Nose lowered, his front feet crossed the threshold, completely silent.

I looked at Trotz, who was then parked next to me watching the baby, probably hoping to see him get in trouble.

“Rookie”, his wise eyes seem to tell me.

It is true.

While the front half of Anubis was completely stealth, he rear end had yet to stop the frantic wiggling.  His tail thumping madly against the door, the noise reverberating through the entire house announcing his arrival, signaling his attention to finish up old man Johnny’s dinner.

“You should probably save him,” I whisper quietly to Trotz.

Trotz glares at me, then huffs.

Heaving a huge sigh, Trotz dances out of our doorway, through the dining room, into the kitchen and stops at the back door, having made just enough noise to capture the baby’s attention.

Sure enough, as I came around the corner, there they were, with Trotz staring balefully at me, while the puppy was joyfully chomping away at his tail.

I let them out into the yard, the baby going into spasms of delight at a piece of tree bark.  With the baby distracted, Trotz snuck back into the house while I closed the door softly behind him.

Settling back down, picking up my crochet project, I look over to find Trotz staring me down, a clear demand in his gaze.


Ok buddy, you definitely deserve an extra Greenie this morning.

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