Good Morning!

Trotz tends to wake me at 9am.

I’m not happy waking up early, I generally stay awake until the wee hours of the morning.

Since we have been in Florida, the “do not wake me up before 9am” rule has gone right out the window.

After the confusion of the time change in the spring, then the change from Texas time to Eastern time, Trotz firmly believes it is time go get up at 7am.

It starts the same every morning.

I feel the movement of his big body at the foot of the bed.  His head is suddenly next to mine and he boinks me in the forehead with that big ole nose of his.  If I play hard to get and burrow under a pillow, the wet nose finds its way to the bottom of a bare foot and it is game over, I jerk awake shrieking.  He likes that part.  He just sits there and grins at me.

This morning, he changed things up a bit.

The bed started bouncing.

Earthquake?  Sink hole opening up under the house? Enemy bombing?

Nope, just Trotz jumping to the floor and back up on the bed, launching me a few inches off the mattress with each go around.

I open one eye to glare at him, open my mouth to snap “quit it” and get a mouth full of tail fur.

Spluttering, I smack away his tail only to have it come right back and slap me in the face.

The tail of a German Shepherd is nothing to mess with.  It packs a punch and a sting at the same time when it gets to going.

Then it is gone.  The bed bounces up, then bounces down, the tail comes back.

The bed bounces from side to side and, suddenly, I’m nose to nose with Trotz himself.

“What are you doing?” I groan at him.

He grins and jumps back down, back up, spins around and whacks me with his tail.

I roll into a sitting position and pull myself up.

He must really, really have to go potty.

“Fine…..fine…”, I grumbled at him as I stagger to the back door, “hold on, I’ll let you out”.

He is dancing in circles, pausing only to let me find my balance, then more dancing.

I open the door and he is off like a rocket, feet barely touching the ground.

He launches himself into a clump of broken tree branches and leaves, only this mutant tail showing through the tangle, the white underside waving merrily in the air.

As I stand there gaping, I see an orange cat dart out from the other side of the tangle.  The cat, yet unseen, gracefully leaps the fence and streaks off across the neighbors’ yard.

Trotz didn’t see it at all, he is still butt deep in the brush.

I open my phone, tap the screen to find that it is 6:59 in the morning.

I have no idea how exactly Trotz knew there was a kitty out there through closed windows, closed curtains, through the walls of a block house….but he somehow did and is happily pursuing the now absent kitty through a pile of scrub brush.

Maybe I should call him out and give him the scent trail that leads out of the yard so that he will know he chased the bad creature away.  After all, he doesn’t get his morning treat until he comes back inside and he really loves the morning treat…Greenies dental chews are his favorite.

I look at my phone.


I step quietly inside, gently close the door and start my coffee.

Good dogs don’t wake their friends before 9am, smart dogs know to keep their eye on the ball while in pursuit, and no dog is going to get a treat before Momma gets her coffee.

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